Karmin’s ‘I Told You So’ Will Haunt You [VIDEO]

May 8, 2012 8:34 am

Today is a big day for Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan of Karmin. The American pop duo dropped their first studio album Hello on iTunes today and also appeared on Good Morning America this morning. Did we mention the release of their haunting music video for “I Told You So?”

Karmin had no hesitation in sharing their pride and excitement via Twitter. They tweeted last night: “@karminmusic Goodnight! You guys are the best family we could ask for. Gotta stop crying and go to bed – gonna rock it on @GMA tomorrow!! #KarminHello.”

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The Brian DeCubellis-directed music video premiered world wide on MTV today. “I Told You So” takes place at a dark hospital, complete with pharmaceuticals and loony patients running around hallways…eerie, we know. Of course, it’s all part of the creepy act! Amy plays two parts, appearing as a patient in one scene aka herself, and a clean-cut diva in the other. She sports everything from messy teased hair and bare makeup to fake long lashes and pink lip gloss. Nick takes the role of the handsome doctor in the video rocking the thick eyeglass frames and a slicked back ‘do to match. The music video offers Karmin’s undeniable talent of Amy’s insanely fast raps and Nick’s sensational vocals along with a feel of what Hello has in store.

Good Morning America welcomed the newly engaged couple this morning to discuss their great success coming from YouTube. “I used to rap in the shower just for fun ’cause it sounded good,” said Amy. “I never thought the rest of the world would appreciate it.” Nick continued to discuss their new sound that is hip hop and pop inspired. Watch Karmin on Good Morning America here.

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Don’t forget to listen to Karmin’s whole album on their VEVO channel and pick up Hello in stores and on iTunes today.


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