Melissa Rycroft Admits She Gets ‘Starstruck’ [VIDEO]

May 9, 2012 12:22 am

CMT reality star Melissa Rycroft may be living the Hollywood life now but she sure hasn’t let her celeb status get to her head. In fact, Melissa admits she still gets starstruck.

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Melissa shares: “I think it’s weird because I do work out here in this world and I feel like when I get recognized I look at people and I go, ‘it’s just me!’ But then I’ll find somebody that I’ve seen that was on a commercial, like a tomato juice commercial, and I’m all starstruck.”

And although Melissa ventures to countless red carpet events, the 29-year-old mom adds: “I don’t consider myself living in it.” Admitting, “I get just as silly when I see people!”

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Be sure to catch Melissa in her new LA lifestyle on CMT’s “Melissa & Tye” Friday at 9:30pm


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