Bethenny Frankel Says Her Husband ‘Didn’t Move Out’ [AUDIO]

May 11, 2012 9:02 am

Reality star, entrepreneur, and author Bethenny Frankel called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Friday to chat about her first novel “Skinnydipping,” her upcoming talk show “Bethenny” on FOX, whether or not she would do another season of “Bethenny Ever After,” and addresses rumors that her marriage is in trouble.

On The Tabloid Rumors:
There have been rumors swirling around Bethenny and her husband, Jason Hoppy that there is a strain in the marriage and that he has moved out. “No, he didn’t move out, he lives here, but we do argue like we do on the show. And it’s been a stressful last year. I’m not one to lie or sugarcoat it. This is my marriage, I love my husband, and I’m committed to my marriage and my family, but marriage is not easy. Maybe it is for other people, but I’m not an easy person. He’s actually not an easy person, and it’s not easy to be married to me with everything that goes on in my life. It’s just a whole weird thing.”

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Will She Do Another Season Of “Bethenny Ever After”?
“I’m talking to Bravo about other things, because they want to still be in business. My show is doing really well this season. It’s just I don’t know that I want to do it physically, you know, cameras in my house. I just don’t know that I want to do it. Also, I wonder if there really needs to be more of my story. I’m not sure that I need to do another season, it’s really only about if I have a story that I want to tell through reality TV, and I’m not sure.”

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On Her Book ‘Skinnydipping: A Novel':
“It’s a fiction book and it’s about a girl named Faith who comes to LA and wants to make it, and the compromising positions she gets in, and really kind of what the dark side of LA really is like,” she explains. “How it’s not always that sunny, fun place that everybody thinks it is. When you’re trying to make it, it can be gritty and what do you have to do to get ahead and are you willing to do it and can you handle it.”

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Bethenny continues, “Then she moves to New York and she’s broke…the price of fame is it worth it? Would she do it again? Does she get what she wants? It’s good. It’s naughty. It’s racy. It’s realistic. You’ll get into it and it’s an easy read. People are reading it in a couple of days and just loving it and wanting to know what’s going to happen next.”

On Moving To LA & Her New Talk Show:
“I’m moving there May 20th,” Bethenny tells us. “My talk show on FOX is June 11th and that’s going to be kind of talking about all the things that I really do want to talk to women about…marriage, sex, grooming, fashion,” she says.


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