Chris Harrison Will Be The Bachelor If Ryan Hosts [AUDIO]

May 11, 2012 7:45 am

Chris Harrison called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to talk about his recent divorce and what happens when a bachelor arrives in a helicopter on night one of “The Bachelorette.”

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On Recent Divorce Announcement
“It was easily one of the toughest, biggest decisions I’ve ever made…along with Gwen…but the good news is that it’s as amicable as it could be. We have 22 years of history together. We’ve know each other since we were 18 years old so there’s way too much history, and two beautiful kids that are the center of our lives. We are the best of friends, and hopefully we will remain the best of friends, and so far it’s been nothing but….as fantastic as something like this can go.

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Will Chris Be The Next “Bachelor”?
“No. It would not happen. After 22 years of a relationship I think and having just announcing my divorce I think I need a little time before I just into my next journey for love.” He continued, “I’m not at all jaded, and I’m not at all jaded by my breakup which may sound weird. I had an amazing marriage to an incredible woman. I’m not angry about love, and I get why these people are here. Maybe even more so now that [I'm] searching for love. I fully believe in what she is doing!” When prodded further Chris jokes, “I tell you what…if Paul Lee can get you to host than maybe this can work!

Why Did They Pick Emily Maynard?
“It wasn’t us deciding to have her back, it was her agreeing to it! For us it was a home run. It really was a no brainer. I love Brad, and unfortunately it didn’t work out for them, but as soon as it didn’t we started throwing her name around, and we all agreed. It’s very rare when we all agree from the network to the producers to everybody. This is just a no-brainer. Then it was the task to getting her to agree to doing this. There’s just many other issues being a single mom, and her daughter Ricki…”

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Who Arrived In The Helicopter?
“Night one is always that night you want to make that big first impression, and ya this guy does roll in on a helicopter…That is a huge target and when you show up everybody in the house…guys don’t take kindly to that kind of attention grabbing stunt.”


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