‘Idol’s’ Hollie Cavanagh Wants To Duet with Mariah Carey [VIDEO]

May 11, 2012 12:01 am

The top 3 were unveiled last night on “American Idol.” It’s the cut that every contestant really wants to survive. Because they get a private plane to take them to their hometowns where their friends and family members all come out and cheer for them, and they get to do a little concert for them.

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It got down to Phillip Phillips and Hollie Cavanagh, and we found out that it was Hollie that didn’t get quite enough votes to stay in the competition. Ryan tells us that a few people asked him what he said to Hollie when she was on stage watching her goodbye tape. He tells us he leaned over and said: “Look how much you’ve grown up on this show.” When we first saw Hollie she was so docile and shy, she really did grow up on “Idol.”

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Moments after the show we spoke to Hollie and she revealed if Phillip is really as hot in person as he is on TV, one artist she’d love to sing a duet with, and what she’s listening to most on her iPod. Check out the video below to hear her answers and tune in to FOX next week to see the top 3 battle it out, the fight to the finish is on!

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