Coldplay Releases ‘Princess of China’ Single Art [VIDEO]

May 16, 2012 8:47 am

Though Coldplay and Rihanna’s song “Princess of China” hit iTunes on October 25, 2011, we’ve been holding our breaths all this time waiting for the killer single’s artwork. Finally, Coldplay revealed the graffiti style artwork this morning via Twitter.

So, what do you think? Though the vivid colors and old school American graffiti style imitates the lyrics and inspiration behind this album, we kind of wish Chris Martin and the Barbadian Beauty teamed up for an artsy shoot.

Rihanna Dazzles In Coldplay’s ‘Princess of China’ Tour Graphics [VIDEO]

Luckily, it looks like the upcoming music video will make up for what the cover art lacks! Ri Ri describes the vid as a “movie trailer to an old Kung-fu film” complete with Samurais, swords, and sex appeal.

In this behind the scenes clip, the “P.O.C.” gets good and geisha while Chris Martin masters martial arts. “How awesome is that,” Rihanna asks. Let her know in the comments below!




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