Kardashian Sisters Dish On Kanye West, Delivery Room, & New Season of ‘KUWTK’ [AUDIO]

May 18, 2012 10:55 am

Khloe and Kourtney Kardshian chat about the new season of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” we find out if Kanye West is fitting in with the family, and Kourtney reveals who she wants in the delivery room.

On Jessica Simpson’s $4 Million Deal:
Jessica Simpson recently admitted that she ate a lot of fun foods during her pregnancy, but she now needs to do a serious post-baby slim down over the next few months to fulfill her contractual obligations with Weight Watchers. So, would Kourtney eat more in a situation like that? “For $4 Mil? Sure, bring it on. Bring me the food. Someone send a chef over with some macaroni and cheese,” she says. Listen to the full interview to hear Khloe call her sister out as a pathological liar on her “healthy diet” and details her late night pregnancy craving.

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Who Does Kourtney Want In The Delivery Room?
“I want Kim [Kardashian], Khloe, Kendall [Jenner], Kylie [Jenner], Scott [Disick], and my mom,” Kourtney tells us. To Khloe’s surprise, Lamar Odom was not on the list. “Kourtney, you don’t want Lamar? I thought you said that you had a crush on Lamar and you want him there?” To which Kourtney replied: “I do, but then he might not like me if he sees that.” So, if Lamar is allowed in, can Kanye come in too? “Kanye is so terrified of us, I don’t think he would want to be there,” Khloe says.

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Is Kanye Fitting In With The Family?
Khloe tells us: “He [Kanye] said: ‘I’m an only child, there’s like so many of you.'” Kourtney then added an interesting bit of insight: “Scott and Lamar are only children too. I think we attract only children.” Khloe recalls: “I remember Lamar at first it took him a minute to get used to us, but now Lamar loves it. And with Kanye I was like: ‘Why are you hiding in our pantry in my mom’s kitchen?’ And he’s like: ‘There’s just so many of you guys, and you guys are all so loud, and friendly, and talk.” and I’m like: ‘get used to it buddy. Because I like it.’ It’s just a lot at one time.” Kourtney adds, “I don’t think he knows what’s going on. Like what we’re talking about, are we being serious, is this a joke?” And if that wasn’t enough for Kanye to process, Khloe tells us: “Lamar raps to him all the time. Kim is like: ‘You’re going to freak this guy out.’ But it’s funny.”

On “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”:
“It’s fine, it’s fun to live like this. We live in chaos and I feel like I would rather live in chaos than in complete boredom. And we now have hour long episodes, because I thought those 30 minute episodes did not give everyone enough of what we got to offer and our family is expanding. You know, Mason [Disick] is now the star of the show and Kourtney doesn’t know that my mom has already signed Mason to a 10 year contract with E!,” Khloe says. To which Kourtney replies: “Over my dead body.”

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Does Everyone Have Access To Everyone’s House?
“My house is the only house that is kind of off limits, but somehow everyone still seems to get in there,” Khloe tells us. “I have your codes Khloe,” says Kourtney. “I would never barge into your house.” In the season premiere we see Bruce Jenner staying at Khloe’s house. “I offered that he could stay there when we were in Dallas for a week or so, because he needed to get away from Kris Jenner,” Khloe says.

In the season premiere, Kris takes matters into her own hands and calls a doctor inquiring about paternity testing. Will this phone call make the rumors stop? Don’t miss the all new season starting May 20th at a new time 9/8c Sundays on E!

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