Celebrate Phillip’s Journey On ‘American Idol’ [SPOILER]

May 23, 2012 7:11 pm

Phillip Phillips has been crowned your next American Idol! The Georgia native became the season 11 champion tonight, beating out 16-year-old Jessica Sanchez.

Ryan Seacrest Takes You Behind the Scenes at the ‘American Idol’ Finale [AUDIO]

With thousands of screaming fans watching him perform from the entertainment capital of the world last night, you can definitely say that Phillip Phillips has come a long way since working at his father’s pawn shop.

Hailing from the small town of Leesburg, Georgia the “American Idol” finalist first captured viewers’ hearts with his rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” during the Savannah auditions. Watch Phillip Phillip’s “American Idol” Audition:

From that point on, 21-year-old Phillips performed consistently well on “Idol,”  steadily advancing further in the competition. Fans instantly fell in love with his humble facade and small town composure, loving his passionate and original performances.

Ryan Seacrest Takes You Behind the Scenes at the ‘American Idol’ Finale [AUDIO]

In his top 10 performance, Phillips’ cover of Billy Joel’sMovin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)” received high praise from the judges. Selecting it as his “Favorite Performance,” he performed the song again during last night’s season finale. Phillips also sang Ben E. King’s Stand By Me,” as requested by executive producer Simon Fuller, as well as an original song to be released if he’d won, titled “Home“.

Phillip Phillips Performs “Home” on American Idol Finale:

Get to know Phillip Phillips; while home in Leesburg for his “Idol” hometown visit, Phillips revealed a few fun facts about himself, including his special talents, favorite bands, and Twitter proposals.

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Phillips claims his special talents include rolling his belly, having double-jointed thumbs, and making turkey calls.  Musically, he admires The Roots and Mumford and Sons—we got a hint of the UK band’s sound last night in Phillip’s original song, “Home.”

Unfortunately for all of his female fans, the young crooner is off the market, stating that he indeed has a girlfriend, but that she doesn’t mind all of the Twitter proposals that he has received from fans so far.

Phillip Phillips Reflects On American Idol Experience:



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