Emily Maynard Thinks Chris Harrison Would Make A Great ‘Bachelor’ [AUDIO]

May 23, 2012 8:50 am

Emily Maynard called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Wednesday to talk about this season of “The Bachelorette,” gives her thoughts on ex-fiancé Brad Womack’s recent rude comments, and tells us if she thinks host Chris Harrison would make a good “Bachelor.”

On The Chris Harrison Rumor:
With his recent divorce, rumors have been swirling that host Chris Harrison may become the next “Bachelor.” Emily says: “Chris would be a great ‘Bachelor.’ I think all the girls would be so lucky if Chris was ‘The Bachelor,’ but I don’t think he’s going to do it.” So, are they actually considering it? “I don’t think so, no. I don’t know, I’m the last person to ask, but I don’t think so.”

Chris Harrison Will Be The Bachelor If Ryan Hosts

On Brad Womack’s Recent Comments:
Emily was on “The Bachelor” with Brad Womack, they got engaged, and then it didn’t work out. Well, recently Brad said: ‘Can I say I’m glad, I think I dodged a bullet with that relationship. I just hope it works out with her.’ So, what was Emily’s reaction to the comment? “Honestly, when I first heard it my feelings were a little bit hurt. Just because I felt like we had ended things on such great terms and I never said anything bad about him, but I really thought about it and I know Brad better than that I’m sure he didn’t mean it the way it sounded. I don’t take it to heart.”

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Is It Hard To ‘Break Up’ With The Guys?
“Oh my goodness, I can’t even begin to tell you. I did the absolute ugly cry on the 2nd date. I was so upset,” Emily says. But she wasn’t crying because she thought she was breaking his heart. She tells us: “I just felt so bad, because I thought the date had gone so well and it came out of nowhere. He didn’t expect it at all and that’s the worst part.” Emily recalls: “I remember what it was like on my very first date with Brad. I thought if he had sent me home on my very first date I would have been crushed.”

The Bachelorette Emily Maynard Doesn’t Have A Front Runner

Why She Likes “Bachelorette” Contestant Jef:
“I think it’s because he’s like the last person that I would ever expect to be on ‘The Bachelorette.’ He’s not the typical guy that comes on the show and he’s a very free spirit, but he’s also very soft spoken. Just his voice make me feel like totally calm and he’s funny,” Emily says. I think he’s very shy, which is kind of the same way I was with Brad. I wasn’t the girl that was like: ‘Look at me, look at me.'”

You can see all the drama unfold on “The Bachelorette” Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.


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