Jennifer Lopez Dishes About Her Future As An ‘Idol’ Judge [AUDIO]

May 24, 2012 8:00 am

Moments after the winner was announced on the “American Idol” finale Jennifer Lopez cruised by the dressing room and chatted with Ryan Seacrest about her performance, winner Phillip Phillips, and her future as an “Idol” judge.

Will Jennifer Come Back For Another Season of ‘Idol’?:
“I love this show, I love it. We’ll have to see how everything falls, but it’s not because I don’t want to be here,” Jennifer explains. “I got two little coconuts. It’s a lot of weighing and balancing and deciding.”

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On ‘Idol’ Winner Phillip Philips:
“As much as I love Jessica, and knew her voice is so outstanding…I kind of felt like Phillip was going to win. I just felt like he connected with the audience in a way, like when he would come out, and the way they would scream, certain things, you just feel like that’s your ‘Idol.'”

On Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday Performance:
“Amazing. I mean, I was there for the rehearsal and I was literally on my knees bowing down to her. She’s just so incredible to hear her sing, everybody should have that experience.”

On Last Night’s ‘Idol’ Performance:
“I’ve been seeing a lot of performances and they do all lots of trickery. I just felt like, I just want to dance to a great song, and sing, and perform. These guys are not on wires or anything, parkour we did that in the ‘Follow The Leader” video with Wisin Y Yandel. So, we were like: ‘Let’s just bring them in.’ There’s no rigging, there’s no nothing, it’s just a really organic performance,” Jennifer says. “I was always asking them, ‘Are you okay? Is your body hurt? Are you in pain?’ And they were like: ‘Yes.’ I was like: ‘Mine too.’ And I’m not even doing anything like that.”

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You wouldn’t have known, but Jennifer tells us that Flo Rida was actually performing with an injury last night. “He had come in because he had a show last night, so he didn’t get to come to the rehearsal. Then in the rehearsal when he came up on the lift his toe got stuck. He smashed his toe and he couldn’t get out. He was limping, the nail turned black and everything.”

What’s Next For Jennifer?
“I have ‘Q Viva‘ this weekend in Vegas and then after that I’m going to take a couple days off, then I have 2 weeks before the tour for a show in South America.”

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