Phillip Phillips Chats About Winning ‘Idol’ & Opens Up About His Relationship [VIDEO]

May 24, 2012 7:15 am

Newly crowned “American Idol” season 11 champion Phillip Phillips joined fellow Georgia boy Ryan Seacrest moments after stepping off-stage to talk about his relationship with his girlfriend, and what his parents said to him while he cried on national television.

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What Did You Tell Your Mom & Dad After You Won?
“I couldn’t really talk! I think I was still crying. They were just saying ‘We love you, and we’re so proud of you.’ They said ‘We knew it would happen,’ but I didn’t. I never saw any of this ever happening. It’s just so surreal to me.”

Does Your Girlfriend Get Jealous Of The Screaming Girls?
“Naw. She doesn’t. She’s very supportive, and she’s…gotten used to it. I’ve done a lot of gigs and stuff. I’m like ‘Oh gosh, here we go’, but she makes it known that she’s with me.”

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Have You Had A Beat To Breathe Yet?
“I did. I had a couple of minutes. I don’t think I’ll ever get use to it. Still I’ll probably need a few days or maybe a few months to get use to it.”

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