Randy Jackson Comments On Rihanna’s ‘Idol’ Performance [AUDIO]

May 24, 2012 8:45 am

Randy Jackson came backstage after the the “American Idol” finale to chat with Ryan Seacrest about why girls love winner Phillip Phillips, what he thought of the finale performances, and tells us if he thinks America got it right.

Does Randy Think The Right Person Won Season 11?
“I noticed during the middle of the season, no matter how harsh we judge Phillip, no matter what we say to him, no matter what Tommy Hilfiger would say to him, the drabbest color you can wear on stage is gray, he wore gray. The guy just was…you couldn’t kill him, dude. He was that one, he was stealth, he stayed in there,” Randy says. “We got it right. America always gets it right in the end. Listen all of those people will be fine. Jessica [Sanchez], Phillip, Joshua [Ledet], they’ll all have huge careers. I mean, they got giant careers ahead of them.”

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Girls Love Phillip Phillips!
“Tonight, last night, last week, 2 months ago, women on fire screaming for him like there’s a murder going on. They love him,” Randy says. So, how does Phillip’s girlfriend feel about all the female attention he gets? Randy tells us: “This is what’s funny about that. I talked to her about this last night and I was like: ‘Do you get jealous?’ And she said: ‘Look, Phillip’s a great looking guy, he’s almost as hot as you and Ryan.’ I go: ‘You know what, I really like you.'”

On The ‘Idol’ Finale Performances:
“i got to give it to Jessica Sanchez. That performance with Jennifer Holliday was so crazy, dude. And what you saw tonight was, you saw Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler in their solo performances bring the energy to like a fever pitch in the room, because that is what veteran performers really know how to do. I got to tell you, Rihanna’s set, the whole thing, the space age, she looked hot, she was unbelievable. So we had a hot show.”

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