Taylor Swift And Tim McGraw Show Their Support For The Troops [VIDEOS]

May 28, 2012 1:20 am

Memorial Day honors our men and women who died while serving in the US Armed Forces. While we all observe this holiday by wearing our patriotic red, white, and blue, some stars are giving back in an even bigger way.

Taylor Swift got wind of a fallen Marine who “worshipped” her. The 22-year old Sgt. Wade D. Wilson was killed in combat on May 11th and his best friend went to YouTube to reach out to the Country sweetheart. After watching the video she immediately reached out to the 22-year old’s family in Texas. Swift sent flowers and a handwritten note saying, “Thank you for loving my music. I won’t forget it and I’ll never forget you. All my love, Taylor Swift”. She also personally called his family and promised to wear his dog tags in her next music video.

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And if you thought celebs couldn’t get more charitable…Tim McGraw is kicking off his “Brothers of the Sun” tour by giving away 25 mortgage-free houses–one for each stop–to needy or wounded members of the service. McGraw has a great deal of respect for veterans; his sister, uncle and grandfather all served in the forces. He said, “I’ve known people my whole life who are in service to America. And I think in my position to be able to do something like that is probably the ultimate thing. So to be able to go on tour and provide sort of a stable foundation for a veteran and their family is something I really look forward to.”

The tour kicks off with a Memorial Day concert for military families at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. Fans can watch a live stream of the show on YouTube and military families around the world can stream it on The Pentagon Channel website.

Tim McGraw inspires the troops in this cover of his song, “If You’re Reading This”.

Taylor Swift shows her love at the 2010 WWE Tribute to the Troops Show.


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