Ingrid Michaelson Channels Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, & Beyonce in ‘Blood Brothers’ [VIDEO]

May 29, 2012 4:31 pm

In the song “Blood Brothers,” Ingrid Michaelson sings: “What you are, I am too / We are all the same under a different name,” and in her latest music video, she channels stars—past and present—to send out that message.

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The video is a time-lapse, with Michaelson sitting behind a plain background as a team of makeup artists quickly transform her into the likes of Lady Gaga, BeyonceDavid Bowie, KISS singer Gene Simmons, Madonna (circa her Marilyn Monroe phase), John Lennon and Amy Winehouse. At each completion of the makeover, Michaelson sings a line dressed as the artist.

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The singer-songwriter chatted with Rolling Stone back in January and said, “‘Blood Brothers’ is admittedly a ‘We Are The World’ song. I did not intend to write a song like that, but that’s just what came out…I think I got shoulder checked one too many times in Manhattan.” Checkout the video below to see the metamorphosis!


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