A Wedding Proposal Like You’ve Never Seen Before [VIDEO]

May 30, 2012 9:50 am

Through the help of 60 friends and family, a Portland, Oregon, man’s dream came true when he orchestrated a live lip dub proposal to his girlfriend. It happened last week when Issac Lamb called girlfriend Amy Frankel over to his parents house. When she arrived she was greeted by Lamb’s brother who sat her on the trunk of his SUV, gave her headphones and asked her to listen to a song. What followed after that is wedding proposal history.

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The video has two shots; one of Frankel’s reaction in the corner and the other of the action that she is seeing. Soon, the music starts and the tune of Bruno Mars‘, “Marry You” blasts through the speakers as the elaborate choreography unfolds. Starting with just a few people, the numbers quickly multiply and in the end, they fan out to reveal Lamb walking toward Frankel and getting down on one knee.

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The lip dub showcases a range of characters—including a full marching band—and it’s no wonder it was so flawless, Lamb and Frankel are both actors. Lamb even got Amy’s family across the country involved by having them Skype in and dance on their computer screens. On the “TODAY” show this morning, Frankel told Ann Curry that she was “completely overwhelmed” and “floored” by the grand gesture.

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Even Bruno Mars himself was impressed by Lamb’s video. He tweeted a message to the couple saying, “Congrats to Isaac Lamb and the future Mrs … I don’t think I could’ve made a better music video for this song. Thank you.” To see her reaction and if she actually did say yes, checkout the video below!


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