Florence + the Machine Release Surreal New Music Video for ‘Spectrum’ [VIDEO]

May 30, 2012 11:40 am

Directed by surrealist photographer David LaChapelle and John Byrne Florence + the Machine’s new music video will blow your mind with its visual display of color, lights, and hyper-realistic concepts.

Like a curtain slowly rising, the video opens on lead singer Florence Welch, her signature red hair unmistakable amidst a sea of blue and green sparkles. As ballet dancers swirl around her, Welch vibrates to the beat of “Spectrum,” the fourth official single off of Florence + the Machine’s second album, Ceremonials.

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Florence + the Machine are currently set to continue their European tour, beginning on June 22 with a stop in Scheessel, Germany. But not to worry, U.S. fans! The group will be back in the states by late July. One thing is for sure, if their live performance is anything like the music video below, you have better get your tickets quickly. It’s bound to be a sight to see.


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