Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron Go Gothic for Interview Magazine [PHOTOS]

May 30, 2012 2:18 pm

Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron turn on the gothic glam for the June/July issue of Interview magazine.  With “Snow White and the Huntsman” opening Friday, the leading ladies of the film took a minute out of their whirlwind schedules to talk about life, careers, and of course Snow White.

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Stewart reveals how her “Twilight” experience prepared her emotionally for her role in the epic flick.  Theron, who plays Queen Ravenna, dishes on her love for complex characters and why her character is always on the move.

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Kristen Stewart On Relating To Snow White:
“There is this debilitating isolation that she feels because she has been locked away in a little cell for seven years. And I can kind of relate to that. . . It’s not the reason that I wanted to do the movie, but the fans and people who loved “Twilight”, they do put you on this sort of different plane where you’re not real.”

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Charlize Theron On Her Complex Queen Ravenna Character:
“I know that I’m very attracted to characters who don’t necessarily make it easy to be loved either. It’s not a judgment—I just don’t find that there’s a lot for me to explore with characters that are easy to get along with or who have these amazing attributes and are just easy to be around.”

“I move a lot in this film. It was important for me to get across this sense of urgency. Once I understood that it wasn’t just the fact that her mortality relied upon finding Snow White, and that knowing that and not being able to do anything and being stuck in a castle . . . Well, I think that would be maddening for somebody like her.”



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