Justin Bieber Fans Storm Norway for Surprise Concert [VIDEO]

May 31, 2012 12:33 pm

It was the running of the Beliebers as thousands of screaming girls flooded the city of Oslo, Norway where Justin Bieber performed several songs in support of his upcoming album, Believe.

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Many had their doubts that the surprise concert would actually happen. Police were not expecting the amount of people who showed up to the Opera House in Oslo. As a result, Justin had to prepare his fans who found out about the show just a few hours beforehand.

“For the show to happen u must all listen to the police. we are all concerned for your safety and i want what is best for u,” Justin tweeted to his followers.

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In addition, reports from TMZ claimed almost 50 teenage girls were injured before the show as many wanted to get a glimpse of the teenage heartthrob from his hotel room, leaving a restaurant, or before he hit the stage. The show, however, did go on with Justin performing his smash hit “Baby” as well as new songs from Believe.

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The singer’s concert was being filmed for a special titled “Justin Bieber Believe: All Around the World,” scheduled to air June 21 on NBC. The hour-long special will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at Justin’s trip around the world in support of his new album. His next surprise tour is scheduled for today in Paris.

To get a sense of the pandemonium in Norway, watch the video below as fans realize their beloved Justin is driving away .


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