‘X Factor’ Star Cher Lloyd Covers Usher’s ‘OMG’ [VIDEOS]

May 31, 2012 3:03 pm

After wowing the judges and voters of England’s “X Factor,” Cher Lloyd is heading across the pond to the United States in hopes of making a grand impression with her free spirit and killer vocals. Miss Llyod was kind enough to stop by and perform a personal acoustic rendition of Usher‘s “OMG.”

At just 16-years-old, Cher made her television debut on the show’s seventh season as she auditioned with an outstanding rendition of Keri Hilson’s version of “Turn My Swag On.” She later went on to compete in the final four with a little boy band known as One Direction.

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After her debut album Sticks + Stones reached number four on the U.K. charts, Cher hopes the states will love her updated single of “Want You Back,” featuring the one and only Snoop Dogg. Cher recently sat down with Ryanseacrest.com to discuss feuds, album changes, and one of her favorite television shows in the states.

On Her Feud With The Wanted:
After one of the band members compared her microphone to a sexual object, Cher made light of the situation. “I’m not one to fight with a boy band,” Cher said. For the record, she doesn’t use that microphone anymore. “It scarred me for life,” she joked.

On Demi Lovato Becoming A Judge On “The X Factor”:
Cher admits she doesn’t know much about the former Disney star. Demi’s young age, however, has her a little concerned. “She’s only a year older than me and I’ve still got a lot to learn. That’s all I’m saying.”

On Her United States Album Debut:
After announcing she just recorded a brand new song called “Over and Out,” Cher admits the album will have a few changes but nothing drastic. “I feel I have progressed a little more from the album before,” Cher said as to the reason behind the changes.

On TV’s Guilty Pleasure TMZ:
“I wish we had one like that in the U.K.,” Cher said in reference to Harvey Levin’s daily entertainment news show. Even though she finds it entertaining, Cher wonders what would happen if she was part of the act. “I like it but if they said anything about me, I’d cry,” Cher joked.

On Wedding Plans With Her Fiancé:
The 18-year-old singer claims she won’t be a bridezilla as she begins planning her wedding with her fiancé, hairstylist Craig Monk. “You are getting married for a reason and that’s because you love each other, not to show off to everyone else.”


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