Charlize Theron Says She Can’t Foresee Herself Getting Plastic Surgery [AUDIO]

June 1, 2012 12:30 am

Snow White and the Huntsman” is out today and “Prometheus” hits theaters June 8th. What do these two movies have in common? Charlize Theron stars in both.

Sci-Fi Gets Sexy At The ‘Prometheus’ Red Carpet Premiere

Charlize says she can’t foresee herself getting plastic surgery. However, she says she looks in the mirror, her face is changing, and admits there are days when she definitely says, “Alright I need to find a cream.”

Charlize Theron Poses Bare With Only A Blazer

But Charlize has plenty of time, she is only in her mid thirties. She thinks that it is maybe different when you are in your mid sixties. So, she doesn’t want to make statements about where she will be in thirty years!

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