Fashion Lessons You Can Learn From Marilyn [PHOTOS]

June 1, 2012 7:20 am

Famous for rocking her curves and layering on the firetruck red lipstick, Marilyn Monroe has set fashion trends galore. So much so that we should take a few notes from the beauty icon.

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To make every day a Marilyn day, consult this list of fashion lessons that Ms. Monroe would certainly approve of.

Pop in Red:
Marilyn’s bright smile is a combination of great genetics and the powers of red lipstick. Not only does red make your teeth look brighter, it is a color associated with sensuality and power, both of which Marilyn possessed. Channel your inner Marilyn by wearing red in any form. Dash some color into your outfit with red shoes, or a red bag. Worse comes to worst, fall back on a perfectly red pout.


Accentuate Your Curves:
Marilyn Monroe always embraced her hourglass figure. Lesson to learn, stick to threads that flatter your figure and smooth out that rockin’ waist. You’ve got it, now flaunt it like Marilyn.




Show Some Toe:
Your piggies don’t have to be trapped in your stilettos, let them breathe. Marilyn has impeccable taste in shoes, and always knew when to ditch the plain heels. Tip to take away, instead of regular ballet flats wear a peep-toe shoe. This allows for emphasis on that French manicure and you add a simple flare of sexy to your professional get-up.




Add Some Sparkle And Accessorize:
This is a must. You can’t get anywhere without a sparkle. Earrings, purses, necklaces, and more… the list goes on! Think of it this way, you are a canvas and your style is the main show. Bring in the crowd with Marilyn-esque diamonds or matte pearls. Work it!




Know Where To Show Some Skin:
It’s not about the low necklines and tummy teasing tops, focus on other areas of your body that allow you to be sexy, but classy. Marilyn always looked fabulous in dresses and tops that showcased her guns. Baring your arms is a perfect way to show some skin without being glaringly risque. So, opt for tops that let you show off your silky smooth arms!



Sweetheart vs. Strapless: It’s all about necking. Marilyn’s neck was always well accentuated because of her love for a sweetheart neckline, in place of the one dimensional strapless straight cut. In any case, try to pick sweetheart-like styles because they offer just the right amount of sexy, without playing it too safe.




Pump Up The Volume:
Marilyn’s short hair isn’t famed for its length. It’s all about volume. Any style can be amped up by making it look like you have more hair. Flat, lifeless hair is boring so pump it up!




Highlight Your Best Feature:
One of the key steps in Marilyn’s beauty regimen is adding on that perfect beauty mark. This drew attention to her mouth and luscious lips. Now, don’t run and get a brown pencil just yet! The key here is to draw attention to YOUR best feature. Bring out the color in your eyes or wear less eyeshadow to showcase the arch of your brow. Find something to single out your uniqueness.


Scribble Your Style Signature:

The best fashion forwards infuse many different styles into one. Marilyn didn’t crown herself the queen of glamour by sticking to one kind of style, she intermixed elements of fashion. Find your signature style by pulling inspiration from a variety of places. Incorporate a unique hairstyle with gaudy jewelry to show your creativity and make a name for yourself.


Borrow From The Past:

Last but certainly not least, our fashion ancestors have lefts us behind plenty of fashion to fuel the future of style couture. Look back on hollywood fashion preceders and learn from their clothing collection. Marilyn left a great mark on the fashion industry, leading the way for future fashionistas like YOU!



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