Vintage Photos from Marilyn Monroe’s Final Shoot [PHOTOS]

June 1, 2012 6:50 am

Marilyn Monroe‘s legacy didn’t just rest in the curve of her luscious lashes, or in her versatility in front of the camera. Marilyn inspired the world with her charisma and the ability to balance cute and sexy. She carried emotion on her face in the most sincere way, making herself a walking piece of art.

Fashion Lessons You Can Learn From Marilyn [PHOTOS]

With intricate detail, Norma Jean Baker transformed herself into a Hollywood gemstone, rare, unique and sharp. After all,

“You don’t just wake up in the morning and wash your face and comb your hair and go out in the street and look like Marilyn Monroe. She knows every trick of the beauty trade”- Milton Greene, Photographer

Just six weeks before her untimely death, Marilyn did a 3-day photo shoot with photographer Bert Stern in the summer of 1962, for Vogue magazine. Accentuating her elegance and mystery in beautiful photos, Stern captured the essence of Marilyn Monroe. Her influence continues to sparkle over all of hollywood, and it doesn’t look to be fading anytime soon.

Happy 86th birthday, Marilyn.
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