The Perfect Marilyn Monroe Makeover [VIDEO]

June 1, 2012 7:10 am

Marilyn Monroe may have had the purrr-fect swoop in her cat eye, but she had a little help from a makeup magician. Whitey Synder, Marilyn’s makeup artist, perfected Marilyn’s signature look with the wave of his mascara wand and perfect brush strokes. Helping Marilyn morph into a makeup icon was hard work, but a little help goes a long way…

Marilyn Monroe’s Fashion Evolution [PHOTOS]

You can’t achieve Marilyn’s look without her essential tips. This tutorial will certainly fill your makeup toolbox with Marilyn makeup how-to!

Okay, now your makeup is done! What’s next? Marilyn’s hairstyles were the icing on the cake for her fantastic styles. Incorporating volume, waves, and platinum color into her look gave her that extra pazazz as a Hollywood starlet. Here is the final tool in that Marilyn Monroe makeover project.

You’re all set. Marilyn Makeover, complete!


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