Adele Opens Up in First Ever Prime Time Special, ‘Adele: Live in London’ [VIDEO]

June 4, 2012 3:22 pm

In the midst of a dark concert hall, the familiar notes of Adele’s “Hometown Glorybegin to play. The haunting music builds as the camera pans to a single shot of hands on the piano. And then suddenly she appears, “Adele: Live in London.”

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Sunday night the British songstress premiered her first ever prime time concert special on NBC. Opening up to Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview, she shared with the world her thoughts on the industry, fame, and the relationships that inspired her famous songs.

The concert took place in the world-renowned Royal Albert Hall. While describing the experience to Lauer she said: “It gave me complete shivers and it was a moment I’ll never forget.” During the show, Adele performed several songs including “Set Fire to the Rain, “I’ll Be Waiting, and “Chasing Pavements” to a packed house.

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Adele has achieved a lot over the course of the past year: She was named one of Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People,” as well as number one on Entertainment Weekly’s list of the top 30 “Entertainers of the Year.”

But out of all of these moments, Adele told Lauer that she counts her time at the Grammys as the most thrilling. “I think the Grammys was the pinch me moment of my life really,” she said.  “I doubt I’ll ever achieve anything as spectacular as that night.”

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At the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, Adele won all six of the Grammys she was nominated for, including “Record of the Year, “Album of the Year, “Song of the Year, “Best Pop Solo Performance, “Best Pop Vocal Album, and “Best Short Form Music Video.

Her rolling success came to a halt in October however, when she was diagnosed with a vocal chord hemorrhage and forced to cancel her remaining 2011 tour dates to undergo surgery. She told Lauer, “I felt really scared and really lonely…”

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Still she said the outpouring of support from fans, family and other celebrities meant a lot to her; celebrities whom she counts among her peers, such as John Mayer who left her comforting voice mail messages during the period in which she wasn’t allowed to speak to anyone. Overall though, Adele says she’s not in it for the celebrity and could do without the drama.I just want to make music,” she told Lauer.  “I don’t want anyone chatting about me.”


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