‘Teen Wolf’ Cast Spills on Weapons and Sneaky Scenarios at the MTV Video Awards [VIDEO]

June 4, 2012 12:21 pm

Teen Wolf has kicked back into high gear, following Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards. Luckily we caught up with the cast to get insight on the upcoming drama and bloodshed.

“It’s really really action packed,” says Crystal Reed, who plays Allison. Reed confirmed the crew has wrapped filming and also claimed episode 12 of the second season was her favorite. “I got to use a Chinese dagger… It’s so cool,” Reed said.

The “Teen Wolf” star also excitedly mentioned how she got to dabble in the world of archery with a crossbow and bow and arrow. Refusing to spill all the beans on the forbidden love affair between Scott and Allison, Tyler Posey does give insight to what happens next.

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“He [Alison's father] hires someone to watch us, and he may or may not find out. I can’t tell you!” Posey said. Tyler may not want to dish out the deets, but his co-star and on-screen love gave us a little more.

“He finds out probably mid way through but, my grandfather comes into town and he is actually sort of rooting for us, which is strange… and he changes the status of our family and all these things. But, it’s funny because they aren’t meant to be together. But, they are anyways,” Crystal Reed said.

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Holland Roden, who plays Lydia Martin, weighed on the status of her character as well. “You’ll wonder what side she does really fall on. It’s kinda blurred, for the better or for the evil,” Roden said.

Obviously mum is the word and it looks like we will have to hold on tight for the thrilling ride that “Teen Wolf” is sure to bring. Although details are nice, deep down we know we don’t want them to ruin the surprise!

The preview for next week’s episode looks to be just as intense! We can see Scott in preventative mode, as he tries to avoid. Prepare for the adrenaline rush and have that popcorn ready, episode two is next Monday at 10/9c on MTV. Until then, watch episode one of Season 2 here VIA MTV:


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