Cody Simpson Kicks Off Bing’s ‘Summer of Doing’ [VIDEO]

June 5, 2012 4:45 pm

Fans of Australian pop star Cody Simpson couldn’t have been more happy when the “Got Me Good” singer appeared onstage at Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) for a performance to celebrate their hard work. The concert with Cody capped off a day of volunteer service at HOLA, as part of Bing and DoSomething.Org‘s “Summer of Doing” campaign, meant to inspire young people to give back.

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The event was just one of the many that Bing will be hosting this summer. Fans can participate and follow the campaign online using the Twitter hashtags #NewBing and #Doing to share how they’re doing good in their own communities or visit to search for a local project in their area.

On Upcoming Album Preview to Paradise:
“I’m just excited to put new music out. We’ve got this new single “Wish You Were Here” and I’m super excited for that one. It’s going to be my summer single and something for my fans and everyone. That’s the song I’m most excited about on the preview. It’s going be cool going out on tour this summer performing all the music.”

On His New Music
“It sounds a bit like “Got Me Good” and a couple of…this other track called “Gentleman” that’s going to be on the preview. A lot of stuff on the album. My single “Wish You Were Here” is going to be dance. I’m wanting to keep the pop stuff as well.”

On Collaborating With Other Artists:
“It’s super cool. I love getting in the studio with people like T-Pain because you can learn so much from them, people that have experienced a lot. You can kind of just watch them and learn. I love getting in the studio with songwriters that have better ideas than I have and I can just learn with them and eventually get on their level.”

On Kylie Jenner:
“I mean, what’s personal I guess is personal but you know…we’re just good friends.”

On Girls:
“The song (“Got Me Good”) isn’t particularly about one girl that’s got me good but it’s the idea. I don’t really have a preference. The eyes are the first thing I notice I think. When they have eyes that captivate you… when they lock you, you just can’t look away. She gets me good.”

On Guys Dating His Younger Sister Alli:
“I’m intimidating. I just like to make sure my sister is with someone that isn’t going to hurt her and will be respectful. I guess you can say I’m defensive.”

On Getting His Drivers License:
“I get my permit in a couple months. I could get my license but if I get it now I’ll be gone for like three or four months. Might as well get it when I get back. Just get it and never drive.”

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