Justin Bieber Debuts ‘All Around The World’ Featuring Ludacris [AUDIO]

June 5, 2012 12:20 am

The wait is over Beliebers! Justin Bieber’s new single “All Around The World” is buzzing about on iTunes and is ready to be echoed out of your earbuds. The track features Ludacris once again, as he was also  featured in Bieber’s hit single, “Baby“.

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As the second single off of his upcoming album Believe, the tune follows the summer hit, “Boyfriend.” Tickets for Justin’s Believe Tour went on sale over the weekend, and the entire tour sold out in one hour! The cherry on the sundae — Bieber sold out Madison Square Garden in a mere 30 seconds.

Supported by a fast paced club worthy mix, Bieber sings sincerely, “You’re beautiful /  you should know it.” Bieber drives the dance beat and encourages  girls to release their inner beauty later singing: “Light it up, so explosive / why you walking so shy, holding back / DJ bring that back.”

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Ludacris chimes in with a similar message of beauty and raps: “You’re imperfectly perfect / Everyone’s itching for beauty / but they’re just scratching the surface,” as the catchy chorus starts to chime:  “All around the world people want to be loved / they’re no different than us.”

While some of us won’t be able to watch Justin bust a move live, we can soak up “All Around The World” and dream of going all around the world with the Biebs. We were already expecting a sizzling beat, but this was definitely worth the wait.


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