What Went Wrong? 10 Real Reasons He Dumped You

June 5, 2012 5:50 am

Find out. Learn. Move on. That’s the mantra of the new website Wotwentwrong.com, where people can find out why they got the boot without the awkward mascara smearing, face-to-face discussion recounting every misstep.

It’s understandable that you want an explanation for your rejection. I mean, who doesn’t? But if you know the top 10 reasons guys dump girls, then you don’t need to electronically pester your date for the answer.

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In a recent study of the responses men gave to women they rejected on wotwentwrong.com, these were the top 10 reasons men walked away:

  1. I’m not ready for a relationship
  2. Bad hygiene
  3. I don’t feel like I’m a priority
  4. Too much fighting
  5. Your sex drive is too low
  6. Lack of punctuality
  7. There’s someone else
  8. Bad kisser
  9. I don’t see a future with you
  10. Too hairy

Well, here’s what they really meant ladies.

1. I’m not ready for a relationship with you: Timing is everything — it’s crucial! You two do not want the same things at the same time. More likely than not, you are ready to jump right into a relationship with him, and he wants to date/hookup more casually.

2. I’m not physically attracted to you: Bad hygiene assumes a lot of things: bad breath, yellow teeth, body odor, greasy hair, acne. What all these qualities have in common is that none of them are pretty, feminine traits. When is the last time a guy described hairy armpits as hot? Never. Truthfully, bad hygiene=you’re not hot.

3. You need to get your priorities straight: You have messed up values. Things that are important to you include yourself, material possessions, and what others think about you. Your job, family, school work, others’ needs, and your relationship come last in line. I promise that missing out on one crazy club opening to spend some quiet, quality time with your man and a home cooked meal will not kill you.

4. You’re a drama queen: Guys love chill girls. They hate cattiness, gossip, and unnecessary drama! Drama queens are typically jealous and insecure women—both highly unattractive features to men. If multiple people have told you that you’d be great for reality TV, chances are you fit under this category.

5. You’re a prude: I hate to admit it, but the majority of men won’t settle down with one girl if he’s not going to get any action. Why would he commit to a single woman who will not put out if he could get with 20 different girls who will? Sad, but true; it’s just the way men are wired. Don’t let this pressure you into doing something you’re not comfortable with, however. The right guy will wait until you’re ready.

6. You have bad manners: If you’re late to your first date, it’s just rude! Good manners are a huge indicator of good character. Girls should be chivalrous too. Say “please” and “thank you,” tip well, have good dining etiquette, don’t swear like a trucker, etc. Prove that he can take you home to meet mom and dad.

7. There’s someone else: There really is someone else. Most likely it’s an ex-girlfriend he can’t get over. If this is the case, be glad he dumped you! Don’t be second best to anyone.

8. We don’t have chemistry: Saying you’re a bad kisser (or sub-par in any sexual department for that matter) really just means there’s no chemistry between you. You don’t turn him on. This is different from being a prude, because a prude can be a complete turn on for a guy. However, teasing just gets way too old and frustrating.

9. You’re not marriage material: Unlike women, who constantly debate possible baby names and wedding destinations, guys NEVER talk about the future. Therefore, if a guy uses the “future” as a reason for dumping you, he’s not messing around; he is in legit wife-search mode. If you’re still in the drunk texting, sneaking out morning after, microwavable meal phase, you’ve got a ways to go before you make it to “marriage potential.”

10. You’re too masculine: Guys prefer to believe that women are perfect, soft-skinned angels who never burp or shave. If you have more hair on your upper lip than he does, there’s a serious issue on your hands. Guys want to date dainty ladies, not court cavemen.

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Without having to embarrass yourself by asking the guy who rejected you what went wrong over the Internet, just take this advice to heart and realize that it’s probably a variation of one of the 10 points above. You want advice to make yourself more datable in the future?

Quit the drama. Save the girl talk for girls’ night. Chill out. Put other’s needs before your own. Focus on school or work. Do things that are more substantial than partying; find your passion. BATHE. Don’t strive to look like a supermodel. Strive to look like the best version of yourself. Be a lady; grow up a little. Feel out if you’re sexually compatible with your partner. Don’t try to create chemistry that’s just not there. If you do all of this and he still walks away, then you two simply want different things from one another at the same time. So, slow things down. Don’t push him into a relationship; lure him into one. Men are competitive by nature. Be the challenge. Be the chase. Win the race.

Do you agree with our 10 real reasons guys dump girls? Do you think you’ve been dumped for a different reason? We’re curious to know in the comments below!


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