Students Build A Rube Goldberg Machine That Highlights Viral Videos [VIDEO]

June 6, 2012 12:30 pm

72 Hours, 12 students, 7 mattresses, two unicorns, a pair of rainbows, and a dummy. These are just a few props of the giant-sized Rube Goldberg Machine designed by college students to creatively “Share A Coke.”

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Internet celebrities iJustine and Josh “TheComputerNerd01″ Chomik, who together have raked in over half a billion YouTube views, hosted the build-off and assisted a team of college geniuses from Harvey Mudd College, CalTech, California State University, Los Angeles, and a few others as they planned and tested the massive machine.

Naturally with such YouTube heavyweights the machine featured a few favorite viral video moments including a pair of unicorns a la Charlie The Unicorn, as well as a Double Rainbow. All of which eventually activating a free Coke to the thirst students.

Coca-Cola decided that bigger was better when it came to finding a way to portray the endless joy that sharing a Coke can bring, and took on a challenge of colossal proportions with the creation of their very own innovative Coke-sharing machine. The team of engineers had only three days to build the monstrous contraption in the gym at Harvey Mudd College — and Ryan Seacrest Productions was there to capture every fun-filled, stressful minute of it.

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Like the Happiness Truck and Magic Machine before it, Coca-Cola’s newest machine encourages everyone to share the joy! Put a smile on someone’s face by sending them a Coke via Coca-Cola’s Ahh Giver Facebook app, or get your gears turning and crank out your own Coke-sharing contraption!

Hopefully this machine shoots you straight back to elementary school science class- except this is way cooler than anything you made back in your Jimmy Neutron days.


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