20 Previously Unreleased Images Of Marilyn Monroe As A Struggling Artist [PHOTOS]

June 8, 2012 2:29 pm

It’s hard to fathom how at one point in time, the name Marilyn Monroe wasn’t linked to a sparkling memory or a giggly voice. Like most Hollywood gems, Marilyn worked her way up to the flashing lights of Hollywood and transformed into a shining icon.

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Life, in association with Time Magazine, dusted off some old photos by J.R. Eyerman. The photos show the early spark in the then unknown Marilyn, and show her building her resume as a dancer, singer, and actress. Marilyn religiously trained to increase her chances of being noticed by agents and production companies, hoping to be signed and put to regular work. But, putting your time in as an aspiring Hollywood star is vital to making it big in the business and Marilyn is proof of that.

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In the 50s era, is was difficult for an upcoming actress to keep her head afloat in the sea of talented actors. Eyerman took a risk in shooting her, having no indication of a career that was about to skyrocket into cosmic glamour. 

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J.R. Eyerman


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