Adam Shankman Dishes On ‘One of the Most Embarrassing Scenes I’ve Ever Shot’ [AUDIO]

June 8, 2012 8:00 am

Adam Shankman, director “Rock of Ages,” called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Friday morning to talk about exactly how he was able to create a musical starring action superstar Tom Cruise.

On Stars Julianne Hough & Tom Cruise’s French Kiss:
“It was one of the most embarrassing scenes I’ve ever shot in my entire life and I made a family comedy with Vin Diesel so that’s saying a lot. Justin Theroux, the writer, had written in the script, ‘they perform a tongue kiss that is the tongueiest kiss ever tongue kissed in film history.’ And then they did. It looked a little bit more like animals cleaning each other.”

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On Meeting Tom Cruise At A Birthday Party:
“’I met him [Tom] at Sadie Sandler’s, Adam Sandler’s daughter’s first birthday party. We were drawing, and he approached me and he said ‘I’m Tom Cruise.’ My head almost blew up because I was so scared. I was sitting on a six inch high baby chair and he pulled up this little baby chair next to mine and my knees are basically on my chest!”

On Hearing Tom Sing For The First Time:
“We decided it was time to see if the singing was going to work because otherwise I was gonna go elsewhere and we would figure out something else to do and he did his singing lessons with Axel Rose’s old vocal coach, and I just heard this massive voice coming out of him, just doing scales and exercises and I thought, ‘Omigod, holy hell this is going to work!’ We high fived and I was like a fifteen year old girl jumping around.”

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What Should We Ask Tom On Monday?
Adam wants Ryan to asked Tom what it was like shooting, “I Don’t Want to know What Love Is,” because that’s a scene where he had to really, really go for it because that’s a scene where he’s actually singing with great sincerity about his longing for love while he’s having sex with Malin Akerman on an air hockey table.”


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