Terrifying ‘Prometheus’ Behind-The-Scenes Footage [VIDEO]

June 9, 2012 7:49 am

The hotly anticipated sci-fi thriller hit theatres today, seducing it’s audiences with a perfectly perverse storyline and gorgeous terrorization.

Masterfully choreographed, “Prometheus” proves to be another prized piece of what fans call, “Ridley Scott Couture.” The film takes place in 2093 including scenery from inside the Prometheus space vessel, different planets, and the parasitic aliens.

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The imaginative visual effects supervisor Richard Stammers led a group of 10 vendors to create over 1,400 visual effects shots for the film. Stammers had the technical talent but insists that the vision held true to Ridley. “We started with sketches and stories that Ridley drew. He obviously has a fantastic vision for images,” said Stammers.

Many critics agree that Ridley Scott likes to explore the world he has built which added to the texture of the storyline.

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Is there a God, is there not a God? Faith and science are brought together in a story that tests humanity’s innate desire for knowledge. It teaches the audience that knowledge is power, but warns that if mankind gets too close to the answers, there will be devastating consequences.

Leaving the theatre with a vivid image and goosebumps from the unnerving action and  beautiful scenery, “Prometheus” proves that internal torture, the unknown, and uncontrollable forceful adaptation remain as a nightmare long after the credits roll.

More behind-the-scenes footage featuring Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, and Noomi Rapace below.


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