Tom Cruise Talks Creating Stacee Jaxx for ‘Rock of Ages’ [AUDIO]

June 11, 2012 7:30 am

Tom Cruise called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to talk about creating the character Stacee Jaxx for “Rock of Ages,” and how Suri reacted to seeing her Dad wear makeup and nail polish.

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Tom Set vs. Katie Holmes Set:
“When I had the eyeliner on, and the painted nails. She was a little taken aback by that. She was like, ‘What is happening to my daddy?’ She goes to Kate’s set and there’s the hair and the makeup and it’s a very nice set. Then Suri comes to my sets and she’s got to wear a hard helmet and there’s explosions going off and Dad’s all bloody and bruised!”

On Connor Cruise Performing At 102.7 KIIS FM’s Wango Tango:
“He was so pumped to have been there! He’s very dedicated [to DJ'ing]. He’s just so focused on his music right now, and it’s great to see. He works very hard when he wants to do something, he’s very dedicated to it. Whatever it is.”

The Scene Between Malin & Tom
“It evolved. With the character it had to be that extreme and outrageous.”

Will Stacee Jaxx Appear Appear In ‘Top Gun 2’?:
Tom laughs, “Can you imagine? You know what I might! Maybe we’ll work it out. I’ll suggest it to Tony [Scott] and Jerry [Bruckheimer].”

On Upcoming Projects:
“As I’m working on one film I’ll have the next one that I’m already prepping. I was producing ‘Mission,’ and acting, we were shooting, while I was prepping ‘Rock of Ages.’ And I was prepping ‘Oblivion’ since ‘Mission Impossible,’ that’s the one I’m shooting now, and during ‘Rock of Ages’ I was prepping ‘Jack Reacher,’ the film that’s coming out at Christmas. And I have about 4 other films that will come after the next film that I shoot when I finish ‘Oblivion.'”

On Training For Roles:
“For my whole life it’s been training, just being on set, you have to be fit. Because at the end of the day you have to be just as fresh at the beginning of the day. So, there is just the baseline fitness, and then there’s the specific training for that particular movie that sometimes takes, for ‘The Last Samurai’ I trained for a year 5 hours a day to be able to move the sword in that way. This film you saw what we were doing, the dancing, the singing, and that was a new world for me. It was like I’ve trained for stunts for my other films.”

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On His Passion For Making Movies:
Tom recalls: “It’s something that I remember being 4-years old just dreaming of doing that and as a kid I used to write skits for my family to try to make them laugh and create different characters. So, that is the passion that I have, I want to entertain an audience. I just love what I do, I love making movies. It’s something that I’ve just never taken for granted and every film for me I want to immerse myself in it. I don’t become the character, but I create the character. It’s fun learning about different people and what they do in their worlds. It’s a real gift to be able to make movies and do that.”

On Working With Julianne Hough:
“She’s very talented, and she’s a hard worker. She’s someone that wants to learn and wants to grow. You look at what she’s accomplished with her life, and I really admire her.”

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On Creating His “Rock of Ages’ Character Stacee Jaxx
“I just kind of went around and picked a bunch of different things, then we had to find out what worked for this character. We were just playing around with what is the Stacee Jaxx walk, and what is the frame, and I just kept moving. I’m not a dancer…I had a lot of help and a lot of training. The guns that go down below the belt, the pistols, dragon tattoos and all that stuff. It’s just kind of what works, you just kind of instinctually find how it evolves and what works for the character. I wanted to play it real, but also we needed the comedy, because he’s got to be outrageous, yet I wanted to play it totally straight and have these different moments that evolve.”

How Did Tom Prepare For The Role?
“There a certain trends with the headband and different things, where you go that’s the 80s style, but in preparing for it I looked at the books that Adam Shankman gave me from the 80s. I worked with Justin Theroux and I also called Cameron Crowe. I just wanted to kind of look at the history of rock and roll and I read the Led Zeppelin biographies, the Motley Crues of that time, the books on rock and roll, the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards. I was just trying to immerse myself in the rock and roll world, and just kind of see what their lives are like.”

“Rock of Ages” opens in theaters June 15th.


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