8 Shocking Adventures with the Stanley Cup Trophy

June 12, 2012 10:51 am

It’s traveled to a sauna, mountain, and even underneath a hockey player’s swimming pool. It’s been used to hold an ice cream sundae, baby, and as expected, plenty of booze. This object is none other than the highly sought after Stanley Cup trophy, awarded to the NHL championship team.

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Every player of the Los Angeles Kings will receive the top prize later this week after the championship parade to be held Thursday near the Staples Center.  Before each player is allowed 24 hours with the precious object, they might be surprised to learn of the cup’s past experiences. Here’s 8 surprising adventures the mighty trophy has gone through over the years. Prepare yourself, some situations are a little icey.

1. Bathroom Break:
Following Detroit’s victory in 1998, teammate Kris Draper put his daughter in the cup thinking it was a cute idea. That all changed once the baby decided to use the trophy as a toilet. That’s not the sweet smell of victory.

2. Feast For Another Champion:
Members of the 1994 New York Rangers took the cup to Belmont Park to feed another champion. The team served the Kentucky Derby winning horse with food straight from the trophy.

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3. Dog’s New Food Dish:
Hockey star Clark Gillies filled the cup with dog food for his precious pooch. A man’s best friend has to eat, but wouldn’t a regular dog bowl be good enough?

4. A Holy Baptism:
In 1996, Sylvain Lefebvre celebrated his team’s win by having his daughter baptized in the cup. Maybe the baby girl will be blessed with amazing hockey skills?

5. Hollywood Treatment:
During his 24-hour time span, Anaheim Ducks star Luc Robitaille gave his trophy the Hollywood treatment, literally. The Stanley Cup was able to ride on a Universal Studios Hollywood attraction and later stand on a Rose Parade float.

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6. Climbing Mountains:
New Jersey Devils defenceman Scott Niedermayer took a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain near his home in Cranbrook, B.C. He was able to hoist the cup 9,000 feet high.

7. Sauna Stop:
We know the trophy can handle the ice and cold temperatures. But what about temperatures above 200 degrees? Teemu Selanne from the Anaheim Ducks traveled to his native country of Finland with the cup, which happened to include a stop at the neighborhood sauna.

8. Swimming With The Cup:
The cup can handle hot and cold temperatures as well as…water! Pittsburgh Penguins captain Mario Lemieux somehow went swimming with the trophy in 1991. League officials didn’t think that idea was funny either.

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To many people’s surprise, the 3-foot-tall trophy doesn’t travel with just one excited hockey player. It must be accompanied by a so-called “keeper of the cup.” This person keeps watch over the trophy to make sure it’s not stolen or damaged. Often times, however, the hockey players are faster than the “keeper” making it pretty common for crazy stuff to still go down.

We hope someone cleaned, repaired, and maybe disinfected the trophy for the next round of champions. Be careful Kings! That trophy has some history.

VIA: NHL and Bleacher Report


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