Jenny McCarthy Comments On Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris Reunion [AUDIO]

June 12, 2012 9:09 am

Host of the new reality series “Love in the Wild,” Jenny McCarthy called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Tuesday to chat about the new gig, posing for Playboy at 39, and what she thinks about Hugh Hefner getting back together with his ex-fiance.

Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris Reunite:
You may remember Crystal Harris called off her wedding to Hef just days before tying the knot last June, but it was recently announced that the two are back together. “I just found that out. I was like: ‘Oh my god, really?’ I think it’s great. I know that Hef really, really was in love with her. So, I think it’s great that they are going to give it a go again, why not?”

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Why Jenny Wanted To Do Playboy Again:
“I kind of had a bucket list before I turned 40, and I’m 39. I told Hef back in 1993: ‘If I can keep making it, I want to to it again before 40.’ Then I looked and thought: ‘oh wow, here it comes’ and kind of gave it one more shebang before the puppies really fell to the ground. It comes out in like a week and I’m really happy about it. It’s really classy and pretty if you can say that about being naked.”

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On ‘Love in the Wild':
“Basically, we take 7 guys and 7 girls and I have them choose, based off looks initially in the first few seconds, then we throw them on horrific adventures that no one should ever do on a date. It gets juicy, ridiculous, and cat fighty.” have any of the guys ever hit on the host? “No, because I psyched them out by making fun of them.” Jenny is already taken by Chicago Bears Linebacker Brian Urlacher.

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The Best Way To Test A Relationship
The extreme and bizarre adventures in “Love in the Wild” may heat up the romance department for some, but for Jenny, she thinks there is a better way to test a relationship. “Go do a cross country drive with somebody, you either want to kill the person or you know you can hang in there. So, to me those situations bring out the best and worst in people and boy you see it.”

“Love in the Wild” airs Tuesday nights on NBC at 10/9c.


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