Keeper of The Stanley Cup Phil Pritchard Talks About The L.A. Kings [AUDIO]

June 14, 2012 9:00 am

Keeper of the coveted Stanley Cup, Phil Pritchard called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Thursday to chat about what his duties entail as Keeper of the Cup, how the Cup travels, and where it has been!

What Does The Keeper Of The Cup Do?
First off Phil tells us that he wasn’t good enough to play hockey, then says: “Our duties are hanging out with the Cup and looking after it from a public relations end, a transportation end, a security end.” With such a high risk gig does Phil have time for anything else? “I got married, I got 3 kids at home and we’re on the road a bunch so you miss them a ton, but getting to hang out with the Stanley Cup champions it’s pretty good for work…We only hang out with the winners, which is kind of neat.”

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Which King Is Most Excited About The Cup?
“I’m going to say Captain Dustin Brown, Anže Kopitar, And Jonathan Quick, the goalie. All three of them are a huge part of that team, but the excitement there, they’re little kids when they win it. All the guys are like that,” Phil says. “The guys have so much respect for the cup…they want to hang out with it.”

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The Cup Gets Around!
The Stanley Cup may stand 3 feet tall and weigh 34 pounds, but this won’t stop the players from celebrating with it all over town. “The guys get to take it home for a day throughout the summer.” And in the past it has even ended up in a few swimming pools! “Mario Lemieux’s twice, Dominik Hašek’s once,” Phil tells us. And where is the Cup now? “We’re at the practice facility, we’re getting staff photos, and then we’re getting ready for the parade.”

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Does It Travel On An Airplane?
Phil tells us: “It does, yes.” However it does not get it’s own seat. He says: “We store it in special services underneath so we actually can get some sleep time as we’re flying from place to place.”


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