L.A. Kings Champ Dustin Penner Reveals His Plans For The Stanley Cup [AUDIO]

June 14, 2012 9:10 am

Dustin Penner, the LA Kings player who scored the winning goal that advanced the team in to the Stanley Cup finals called in to “On Air With Ryan Seacrest,” this morning to talk about winning the playoffs.

On When He Will Get The Stanley Cup:
That’s up to the team. They kind of got to plan out the road they’re gonna take.  It usually takes like maybe a circular road around the world. And you just kind of, they give you a couple days that you can have this. There’s a natural pecking order or hierarchy.  They start with the older guys, then work their way down.”

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On What He Plans To Do With It:
“I’ve got some ideas. I want to spend some more personal time with it. The last time I took it back to my hometown in Canada. I kind of neglected it from a personal standpoint; I let everybody else see it. I’d really like to just spend some alone time with it. You know, I want to sit back and maybe watch a movie with it, make it feel special and not like you’re just prostituting it out to everyone else. I ended up running myself so ragged last time, I had to have my mom hook me up to an IV, she happens to be a nurse so…and so I had an IV in my arm for two and a half hours.”

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On Whether He’s Had A Chance To Sleep Since Winning:
“Yes, I ended up getting a good eight hours last night. Yeah, I had a little bit of help from my friends at Ambien, but I’ve managed to get the help.”

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On Taking The Lead Early in the Game:
“The first thing that comes across your mind is we should have it in the bag if, all things being equal, and they continue to play the same way we we’ve played for the last two months, but then in the back of your mind, you don’t want to become that cautionary tale where the team comes back and scores three, four fluke goals, which had happened to us the last year against San Jose in the first round, so you have that nervous tension where, don’t screw this up.”

On Summing Up The Last Couple Of Days:
“You know, vindication for everybody in the organization; the fans, our bosses, our owners, GM, it’s one of the most hard to describe feelings and one of the best ones you can get in our profession or any professional sport. It’s a lot tougher when and even harder to explain once you’ve won it.”


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