Adam Sandler Talks About NOT Getting A Part In ‘Rock Of Ages’ [AUDIO]

June 15, 2012 9:00 am

Funnyman Adam Sandler called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Friday to talk about his new movie “That’s My Boy,” his Father’s Day plans, embarrassing his kids, and finds out that Tom Cruise and Adam Shankman first talked about doing “Rock of Ages” at his house!

On Tom Cruise & Adam Shankman Conversation:
Tom called in to the show recently and told us that he was at Adam Sandler’s daughter’s birthday party when he had his first conversation with Adam Shankman about doing “Rock of Ages.” So, did Mr. Sandler know about this conversation? “I remember those guys talking, and I remember being excluded from that conversation. They dreamed it up at my house, at my child’s affair, and I couldn’t get a damn part in that movie!”

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On ‘That’s My Boy':
“That’s My Boy,’ that came to our office, just a script that people in my office loved and bought. Andy Samberg called me up and kept telling me: ‘If you do that movie, I’d love to play your son.’ I kept going: ‘What movie is he talking about?’ Then finally, I read it and I loved. It’s a pretty crazy movie and it’s got some funny stuff that is very dirty and filthy, but pretty warm at times. I connected with it, and I was laughing at it, and that’s why I got excited to do it.”

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Does Adam Embarrass His Kids?
“Yes, yes, yes. That happened this year, because Sadie goes to school with other kids now and I think she figured out the other fathers wear pants, and I show up in shorts all the time. It used to be when I’d say [when she was] in pre-school: ‘Hey, I’m going to come by today to see you’ and she’d get excited. Now I say: ‘I’m going to come by,’ She goes: ‘Please wear pants.’ Please shower is a big one too!”

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On His Father’s Day Plans:
Father’s Day is this weekend, so what would Adam like for the special day? “If they [his kids] could just give me a half hour of respect and then we’ll turn it back to them. My kids are too young to have a whole day devoted to me. I’ll take a half hour of pancakes and that kind of stuff and then we’ll go back to worshiping the kids.”

“That’s My Boy” opens in theaters today!


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