Kim Kardashian Reveals to Oprah When She Lost Her Virginity [VIDEO]

June 17, 2012 8:07 pm

Described as “the royal family of reality TV,” the entire Kardashian family may not have known what they were getting into when Oprah Winfrey arrived at their Calabasas home for an in-depth interview. Nothing was off limits in part one of “Oprah’s Next Chapter” Sunday night as Oprah pushed Kris Jenner and the Kardashian siblings to be open and honest.

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From sex tapes to divorce to OJ Simpson, Oprah covered a wide range of topics with members of the Kardashian family. In fact, there wasn’t even enough time for every family member to speak. In part two airing next Sunday, Oprah sits down with Bruce Jenner and wife Kris to talk about the future of the Kardashian empire. Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are questioned about their relationship. Finally, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom discuss their future together that may or may not include babies.

If you missed part one of Oprah’s interview, here are a few highlights from the honest, authentic conversation.

The Kardashian Siblings On Being Famous:
“I wasn’t drawn to being famous. I was drawn to being successful,” Khloe said after describing how she was raised. Kourtney and Rob admit they feel weird being referred to as celebrities. “I’m still not comfortable with being famous,” Kourtney said. Rob added, “I don’t like those two words—celebrities or famous.”

The Effects Of Kris Jenner And Robert Kardashian’s Divorce:
Khloe proclaimed the divorce hurt her the most. In fact, she didn’t want to see her sisters for three years because they reminded her so much of their dad. Kourtney believes the divorce has an impact on her relationship with Scott today. “Maybe I’m kind of scared of marriage,” Kourtney said. “I’d like to someday [get married] for my children though.” Kim knew early on who was to blame for the divorce. “We knew it was mom’s fault,” Kim told Oprah. Kris would later admit in her memoir she had an affair when still married to Robert.

Kim Kardashian Losing Her Virginity:
Kim told Oprah she had her first boyfriend at 12-years-old. A couple years later at 14, Kim went to her mom claiming she was thinking about having sex. Kris prepared her for whatever decision she would make. In the end, Kim said she first had sex, at 14, with a serious boyfriend she knew very well and felt comfortable around.

The Beginning Of The Kardashian Empire:
Kris told Oprah she first got the idea of having a family reality show after watching the Osbourne family on MTV. She argued it would be a wise business decision to help support their clothing store, Dash. Kris does admit the accusations of her pimping out her kids are hurtful. “I am doing exactly what I love doing. I’d be lost otherwise,” Kris said.

Kim Kardashian On Marriage Troubles:
Kim admitted she didn’t spend one complete week together with Kris Humphries before they married. “Once we moved in, I knew he was not the one,” she told Oprah. When asked to elaborate on what she didn’t like, Kim argued it was too personal. She also admitted that her mom and those around her had their doubts early on about the relationship lasting. Kris Jenner asked Kim the night before the wedding if she wanted out. Kim admitted to getting defensive and didn’t question her plans for a moment.

Kim Kardashian Post Divorce:
Kim apologized to everyone she hurt with the divorce including Kris Humphries but does not regret her decision. “I would rather have been beaten up in the media, than live a life that was unhappy,” Kim said. She described her ex as a “good person” and that she, “will always have a place in my heart for him.” In regards to Kanye West, we have to wait till next week.


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