Bethenny Frankel Says ‘It’s Been A Little Challenging’ Living In LA [AUDIO]

June 18, 2012 9:00 am

Bethenny Frankel called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Monday to talk about her new daytime talk show “Bethenny,” moving to LA for the summer, and the challenges she has experienced in Los Angeles.

On Her New Talk Show ‘Bethenny':
“Men could learn a lot about women from the show. The show is what you talk to your girlfriends about when men aren’t around. It gets deep, and it gets light, and it’s really fun, and we’re not taking ourselves too seriously,” Bethenny says.

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So, what topics will Bethenny be chatting about on the show? “When I go out with a girlfriend we’re talking about…grooming, sex in our marriage, about strange things going on in my friend’s neighborhood, or we’re talking about money, our boobs, our butts. So, that’s what the show is really about…it’s just about being open and we’re going there.”

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On Moving To Los Angeles:
So what part of LA is Bethennny calling home for the summer? “The studio is in Burbank, so it’s not far from there. It’s kind of like more Hollywood-ish,” she tells us. “I’m a girl who likes being near the beach, but I wouldn’t have that much time to do that anyway. So, it’s really kind of more like a work trip. If we moved here it would be more relaxing and we’d live closer to the beach, I think.”

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On The Challenges Of Living In LA:
“It’s been a little challenging, because I guess in LA rats and fleas are kind of common in the houses,” Bethenny says. “I’ve never seen a rat in New York City, is that the weirdest thing ever? They’re not like running around in the streets, people have them in their homes here. It’s like a big thing, but I love LA.”

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On Asking For Directions In LA:
“When you stop at a light here and you ask someone directions you look in the car and it’s like Nia Long. Every time I stop and ask for directions it’s somebody who’s famous. It’s the craziest thing, you see famous people in their cars, it’s just so strange. In New York it’s not like that.”

“Bethenny” airs weekdays at 2pm on FOX in LA, check your local listings for times.


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