Justin Bieber Talks About Mariah Yeater & Collaborations for ‘Believe’ [AUDIO]

June 19, 2012 7:28 am

Justin Bieber called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Tuesday to talk about the collaborations on his brand new album Believe, Selena Gomez’s favorite fragrance, and his side of the story on controversial single ‘Maria.’

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On The Song ‘Maria':
Last year Justin was in the news when Mariah Yeater falsely accused him of fathering her baby. The incident was very upsetting and traumatic for Justin and he wrote the song “Maria” as a form of expression. “I couldn’t really talk about it when it was happening…every interview I was like: ‘I can’t really talk about it.’ So, to be able to actually talk about it on the album is really awesome.”

Were there second thoughts about putting the song on the album? “Yeah, it was definitely Scooter’s worries…it’s already over, you’re bringing it back up. But also people didn’t forget about it, it was still in the headline news. So, to be able to talk about it and really say my side of the story and really just express myself, I feel like that was the best way to do it.”

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How Did The Collaborations Happen?
“With Ludacris, he came in when we were working on it and he definitely loved it and he went back and started writing, and then got on it. With Drake, we wrote the song together and we were in the studio doing melodies and that’s how that happened. And Big Sean, we had already finished ‘As Long As You Love Me‘ and I was the one doing the rap at the end, but we just thought we might as well get Big Sean on it because he’s new and fresh,” Justin explains.

Justin Bieber Unveils Plans for New Fragrance ‘Girlfriend’

On Selena’s Favorite Fragrance:
Justin broke records earlier this year when he released his first fragrance the fruity scented “Someday.” Well, he is back with fragrance number two “Girlfriend,” a floral scent. So, which fragrance does Justin’s girlfriend, Selena Gomez prefer, fruity or floral? “I think she might like Girlfriend,” Justin says. “I think my fans needs to go out and check it out and see what they think.”

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On ‘Justin Bieber: All Around The World':
“There was a press release thing where it was like a hundred planes, I don’t know how many trains, buses, everything, we really went all out, and we went everywhere, and we just did a lot. We captured it all on film and it’s going to be on NBC, we’re doing a 2 day special. I’m really excited.”

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On His Lasting Success:
“I always want to prove people wrong, of course, when people see someone come up so fast, and so young, singing pop music, they think how long can this really last? But, I was 15 when I recorded ‘Baby.’ So, I was young and I’m growing and I’m evolving and I’m changing. I have so many great mentors that I’m looking up to, to just help me be the best that I can be as an artist. I don’t see myself going anywhere for a long time.”

On Having A Studio In His Van:
“Yeah, it’s basically not for singing, but for me to make tracks and stuff, like a keyboard, and Logic, which is the program to make the stuff with,” Justin explains.

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On His Influences:
Justin tells us: “I look up to different people as far musically, like Michael Jackson is someone who I look up to, but as far as in my personally life my mom is someone who I also look up to. Because she’s given up a lot and is a really strong woman.”

On His Ducati Motorcycle:
Earlier this year Justin dropped some cash on on a limited edition Ducati. He tells us he is being careful, but he has been too busy to drive it a lot. “I’ve been on tour, but when I get back home hopefully I can take it out,” he says.


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