Bullied Bus Monitor Karen Klein Receives Outpouring of Love and Support [VIDEO]

June 21, 2012 9:20 am

Student passengers in Greece, NY shot brutal verbal remarks at Karen Klein, a 23-year district employee who accompanied them on an afternoon bus ride. The gentle looking bus monitor, who was a bus driver for 20 years, is shown in the video trying to remain calm and collected, when she so obviously is shaken and upset.

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The violent verbal insults range from comments about her hair, nails, and weight, to her financial state, and purse. The boys in the video go as far as to poke and prod at Klein while the verbal taunts escalate to physical threats, as the boys mention unleashing a rottweiler on her, and throwing eggs at her home.

The boys degrade Klein, who makes about $15,500 a year, for being poor as they read the colorful font on her purse which reads, “Be remarkable” and “Integrity.”  Klein replies faintly, “I try to live by some of these words.”


The exposure of the incident has inspired generosity from a variety of sources, and illustrates the true power of the Internet.

Klein told Matt Lauer during her visit to the Today show that she is “so amazed” at the public’s response. “I’ve gotten the nicest letters, emails, Facebook messages, and it’s like wow, there’s a whole world out there that I didn’t know,” she said. Claiming she isn’t always that calm, Klein inferred she isn’t harboring any ill will towards the boys, “I’m sure they don’t act that way at home, but you never know what they’re going to do when they’re out of the house.”

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In addition to the waves of virtual support, a donation campaign has been made for Karen on Indiegogo.com. The donations were pledged by viewers who were disgusted with the behavior of the students and feel Klein deserves a vacation for her patience and strength. The 68-year-old has received pledges totaling more than $300,000 and counting. To donate to Karen Klein and pledge your support, visit her Indiegogo page: Let’s Give Karen Klein A Vacation.

Karen Klein will be joining “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Friday to talk about the incident. Listen tomorrow here.


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