One Direction Rumored to Be Performing at Olympic’s Closing Ceremony [PHOTO]

June 21, 2012 10:49 am

After the medals are handed out and the final race times are tallied, the summer Olympic Games in London will end with a sure to be memorable closing ceremony. The rumor mills are in fill swing, speculating what musicians will be representing the best of London.

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According to a report, One Direction has been asked to open the closing ceremonies with a performance of “What Makes You Beautiful” from their debut album, Up All Night. Rumors also abound that Adele may be planning an appearance at the ceremony that will celebrate the best in London music.

It’s the first time we are getting a taste of what London may show off in their closing ceremony and we could’t be more excited with the rumored performers. Earlier this month, Artistic Director Danny Boyle gave the world an official peek at what we can expect as London welcomes the world in the opening ceremony.

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On the Olympics’ official site, the Oscar-winning director behind 2008’s “Slumdog Millionaire” describes the ceremony, named “Isles of Wonder,” to be inspired by a speech from William Shakespeare’sThe Tempest.” In addition to the 10,000 volunteers who began practicing months in advance, Danny promises many animals including 70 sheep, 12 horses, 10 chickens, 10 ducks, 9 geese, 3 cows, 3 sheepdogs, and 2 goats will be featured in the spectacle.

Danny hopes the animals along with flowers from the U.K.’s four nations will create memorable images and strong emotions. “The ceremony is an attempt to capture a picture of ourselves as a nation, where we have come from and where we want to be,” Danny said in a statement.

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The ceremony will also feature two short films and the world’s largest harmonically tuned bell. Recently, Paul McCartney confirmed to BBC Radio that he would be closing the opening ceremonies with a musical performance.

More than 1 billion people around the world are expected to watch the ceremony scheduled to air July 27 on NBC.

VIA: The Telegraph

A preview of the Opening Ceremonies

A look at the Opening Ceremony (Dave Poultney/LOCOG via Getty Images)



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