YouTuber Changes Into Elvis, Lady Gaga & More In One Take! [VIDEO]

June 22, 2012 12:50 am

What is the world record for most costume changes in a one-take music video? Eighteen, according to the new record set by Eytan & The Embassy (@EytanTheEmbassy) in their newest video “Everything Changes.”

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The Brooklyn-based indie-pop group helps main singer Eytan Orens in and out of a variety of costumes that channel iconic personas in the whirlwind four minute video.

The video, directed by Joe Pickard and produced by Tony Segreto (@VigilanteHD), is shot in one take during which Orens channels everyone from John Lennon to Elvis to Lady Gaga.

Other impersonated artists include: Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, Kurt Cobain, Weird Al and The Beastie Boys.

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Costume designer Nicole Pezzolla (@npez), hair and wigs stylist Ashley Miller, and makeup artist Nina Jin (@NinaJin153) are responsible for the impressive looks and flawless transitions.

The band is challenging fans to respond in costume of artists that they missed, with the best to be featured in their next video! Who else do you think should have been included?


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