Bullied Bus Monitor Karen Klein Reacts To Supporters Raising Over $500,000 [AUDIO]

June 22, 2012 8:30 am

“I think the nation’s heart hurt when they watched what happened on that bus,” Ryan told Karen Klein Friday morning during “On Air With Ryan Seacrest.”

Bullied Bus Monitor Karen Klein Receives Outpouring of Love and Support [VIDEO]

The grandmother from Greece, NY, captured nationwide attention this past week because of a viral video showing how she was verbally abused by four young boys during her job as a bus monitor at Greece Middle School. [CAUTION: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE]

Klein spoke to Ryan about the horrific experience, one that has shocked the nation, and also described her reaction to the outpouring of support and donations totally nearly $500K!

How Are You?
“Confused. Oh, it’s been just a whole bunch of media and Facebook and the telephone hasn’t stopped ringing. That’s about it!”

What Is Your Reaction To All The Donations?
“Oh, I can’t believe it. I really can’t.  It’s wonderful, it’s wonderful! If I see it, I’ll believe it. I’m not gonna go out and buy anything extravagant until I see it.”

How Did You Feel When Those Kids Were Making Fun Of You?
“Numb. Kind of numb. The only thing I did one day was to tell them to go sit in the front seat because they were acting up. They just felt like being mean, I guess, I don’t know.”

Do You Have Kids? Grandkids?
“Oh yes, I have four. Well I had four I’ve got three. I’ve got eight grand-kids. I have grandchildren from the age of 5 to 18. Well, I’ve gotten emails from my granddaughters, my oldest one, and my daughters have been over supporting me.”

Were Your Feelings Hurt?
“Oh yeah! Are you kidding me? But I’ve been trying with all these people writing to me and everything going on that really has helped a lot. Cheered me up. All the beautiful flowers. Oh my God. People that I don’t even know sent me flowers.”


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