Rob Kardashian Plays A Relationship Expert & Weighs In On Insecure Boyfriends [AUDIO]

June 22, 2012 7:50 am

Reality TV hunk Rob Kardashian played a relationship expert Friday morning on “On Air With Ryan Seacrest.

Lucky for Kardashian fan Karina, Rob was dialed in to give her some insightful relationship advice about her insecure boyfriend. Karina was scrolling through Twitter while her boyfriend of six years was on a Vegas trip, and ran across one of Rob’s inspiring tweets about someone else taking care of your significant other if you don’t find the time to. Favoring the quote, Karina re-tweeted it and got mad hate from her boyfriend, who accused her of cheating.

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Surprised that she was chatting with her ultimate celeb crush, Karina hesitated before diving into the drama, “I’m in shock! Is this really Rob?”

“Of course it is! My name is Robert, you can call me Robert,” Rob said before laying out some sweet advice for the adoring fan.

On Karina’s boyfriend’s reaction to the tweet:
“Well I mean first if all, if you have some insecurities with him then maybe that pushed you to re-tweet it or feel that way. Obviously everyone has insecurities in a relationship, and that’s the hardest part about a relationship. The thing is clearly I was trying to say, realize what you got and how special that person is, because if you don’t someone else will and they’ll take full advantage of it. They’ll be happy, and you’ll suffer and be miserable, and you know, cry on your pillow all night, or whatever.”

Great answer, Rob!

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On why he tweeted the inspiring note:
“Nothing happened to me, just on Twitter sometimes I go in and out of phases… I like to tweet meaningful things that people could use and I could help them… Even it’s a dumb thing; it doesn’t matter what it is, but I felt inspired that day with whatever it was and I like to share… I have 3 million followers, I might as well try and do something with it!”

We couldn’t agree more! The youngest Kardashian definitely dished out helpful info, though he declined Karina’s invitation for a chance to see if they had sparks.

“I’m not a homewrecker,” Rob joked.

It seems Rob is definitely a go-to guy for relationship drama advice. Check out the whole segment here:

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