10 Things Girlfriends Dread Doing in Relationships

June 25, 2012 7:45 pm

It’s common knowledge that guys have plenty of reservations about relationships, but no one ever talks about the things women hate to do when committed to a man. We’re expected to be down-for-anything, gung-ho girlfriends, but trust us, there are 10 dating duties we dread like the plague…if not more.

Girlfriends Hate Shaving Their Legs


Shaving Our Legs

When you’re single, you shave your legs ahead of a night on the town or a day by the pool. Pretty much any other lazy day isn’t worth wasting a Venus Breeze. However, when you’re dating a guy and he’s constantly over at your place hanging out or watching movies, he’s bound to have his hands all over your legs on the couch. Unless you want to slice his hand with your stubs, it’s now your job to commit to shaving on a regular basis.

Girlfriends Hate Making Out In The Morning


Making Out In The Morning

You wake up next to your man in the morning and the only things on your mind are: “How did I get dreadlocks overnight?” and “My morning breath is more potent than tear gas.” Your BF rolls over with a smile, goes in for the kill, and you just cringe inside thinking about how mornings are by far the least sexy time of day.

Girlfriends Hate Impressing Your Mom


Impressing His Mom

I don’t care how sweet and angelic his mother is, it’s always — and I mean always — a top priority to impress her. Before you go over to his house for dinner, you frantically stress out picking an outfit that you think will give off the perfect impression to his mom. Not too short, not too tight, not too fancy, the list is endless. After you spend an hour in your closet and finally make it to dinner, you’re late and feel like an imbecile. There’s no winning.

Girlfriends Hate Cooking (When They Don't Know How)


Cooking When We Don’t Know How

Even though this is the 21st century, you can’t help but to feel like you need to be able to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie in order to be the perfect girlfriend. Any given day of the week you’d rather order take out or go to your favorite restaurant to make your life a little bit easier. If you’re a disaster in the kitchen and can’t even manage to make a successful grilled cheese, you can’t stand feeling like you have to be Rachael Ray to win your man’s heart.

Girlfriends Hate Having "The Talk"


Having “The Talk”

The conversation will come up and you will start to sweat when your man asks about your dating and/or sexual history. Many think it doesn’t make a difference to talk about exes because the “past is in the past,” but it’s actually important to discuss these chapters in your significant other’s life. How your BF treated other women says volumes about his character, and it can also dictate how he will treat you. This is not always a fun conversation to have, but if you’re not honest about your past relationships and avoid talking about your sexual history, you’re only proving that you have something to hide.

Girlfriends Hate When You Leave The Toilet Seat Up


Putting Down The Toilet Seat

Seriously. Just put the toilet seat back down. It’s not that hard. If we fall in the toilet bowl at night one more time, we swear…

Girlfriends Hate Getting Hickeys


Covering Up Hickeys

There seems to be some unspoken law of the universe that says the only time you get a hickey is right before you make plans to get dinner with your parents. You try the cold spoon method and cake on concealer, but this bad boy has an attitude and just won’t go away. So, you’re forced to wear a scarf that doesn’t match your outfit (and is totally out of season) in hopes that you avoid that deathly judgmental glance from your mother.

Girlfriends Hate Watching You Work Out


Watching Him Work Out

It’s SO not fair how easy it is for guys to get a six pack. They eat three times as much as we do and have a disgustingly lower percentage of body fat. We hate nothing more than seeing you come back from the gym when we’re sitting on the couch watching “Sex & The City” reruns with a bag of popcorn in our hands. The guilty reminder is enough to kill us.

Girlfriends Hate When You Give Them Bad Gifts


Confronting Him About Bad Gifts

Just because we don’t love the heinous, orange argyle sweater vest you bought us for our birthday doesn’t mean we don’t love you. The gesture is much appreciated, and we know “it’s the thought that counts” when it comes to gift giving, but if we receive one more horrendous tchotchke from Ikea, or god-forbid another gift card, there may be a problem. We hate looking a gift horse in the mouth, but on the other hand, we’re preventing you from wasting your hard-earned money.

Girlfriends Hate Having To Give Up Girls' Night Out


Giving Up Girls’ Nights

Girls’ nights just aren’t the same when you’re taken. Hittin’ the town with a boyfriend waiting at home pretty much abolishes the true essence of a girls’ night. Dressing to impress, meeting hot guys, dancing ’til you die, bonding with your besties, and making mistakes you (conveniently) forget to mention ever again. We hate being the Debbie Downer of the night, but because we love you, we’ll do it.

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