Rihanna and Chris Martin Show a Softer Side as ‘Princess Of China’ Goes Acoustic [AUDIO]

June 26, 2012 9:31 am

Just when Coldplay and Rihanna’s single “Princess Of China” couldn’t get any better, a new version appears that could just be a bit more impressive. Without the electric guitars and talented band members, Chris Martin and Rihanna sing a slower, toned down rendition of the hit single.

Coldplay Premieres ‘Princess Of China’ Featuring Rihanna [VIDEO]

It’s a side we don’t always see from Rihanna, whose songs usually include disco grooves or beats guaranteed to get you on the dance floor. It may not come as a surprise, however, that the band wanted another version of the song with RiRi. Coldplay recently praised the Barbados singer from Barbados for her voice and musical talent. “We all love Rihanna and we came to the decision that if we are going to get someone to come and sing on it, it should be the best person and she’s obviously an incredible artist,” drummer Will Champion said.

Rihanna Dazzles In Coldplay’s ‘Princess of China’ Tour Graphics [VIDEO]

We have to ask, which version do you like better? Take a listen to the new acoustic version below then let us know by commenting below.


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