Olympian Ryan Lochte’s Got Swag: The Grillz, The Shoes, The Crazy Workouts.

June 27, 2012 12:20 am

Okay, we get itRyan Lochte is a babe. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months (or years really) you know that Ryan Lochte is hot on the train to becoming the heartthrob of the London Olympics this summer.

Ryan Lochte covers VOGUE magazine along with Hope Solo and Serena Williams. Photo: Annie Leibovitz

No longer is the Olympic medalist second-best to friend and competitor Michael PhelpsLochte successfully beat Phelps at the World Swimming Championships last summer and plans to continue his dominance in London.

While we all know just how talented, gorgeous, dedicated, did we say gorgeous?, and successful Lochte is, the most interesting thing about the swimmer isn’t how many medals he’s won throughout his career, but the endless shenanigans he gets into outside of the pool.

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The guy’s got some serious swag, made utterly apparent by his diamond-encrusted grillz that he dons when he steps onto the medal podium. (If you are scratching your head at the term “grillz” allow Nelly to enlighten you.) In an interview with Outside, Lochte says that wearing the grillz started as a dare back in 2007:

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“I had these grills in my bag—I don’t even know how I got them—and I pulled them out and showed a friend. He was like, ‘Oh man! If you get a medal, bro, you gotta wear those.’ The next day I won a medal, and I wore them out there. It was the funniest thing.” Since then the grillz have made multiple appearances on the medal stand, and Lochte recently told the New York Times that he wants his grillz for London to be red, white, and blue.

The grillz surely have something to do with the fact that Lochte is an avid Lil’ Wayne fan and constantly listens to Young Money/Cash Money Billionaire.  Although he has mingled with hip-hop superstars like Jay-Z, he is “dying” to meet Lil’ Wayne and considers himself a huge hip-hop fan.

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Lochte’s swag continues with his extensive shoe collection.  Reported to have over 130 pairs of shoes, the 27-year-old constantly rocks the coolest kicks.  He even designed his own pair of limited edition sneakers for Speedo in 2010, and hopes to make more forays into the fashion world in the near future with his own line.

Ryan Lochte for Speedo

The final thing that we love about Lochte is his over-the-top strength building regimen.  When Lochte isn’t swimming endless laps in the pool he’s out flipping truck tires, dragging huge chains, and tossing kegs with his strength coach Matt DeLancey.  The unique workout gives him an edge over his competitors and has him confident that he’ll be the one to beat this summer.



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