Interns Night Out At The Roxy [PHOTOS]

June 28, 2012 12:01 am

The intern experience at Ryan Seacrest Productions has consisted of more than the usual coffee run and clipboard holding saga. Being actively involved in campaign brainstorming and content contribution has not only shaped future careers, but it has also fostered the progression of future professionals.

Though there have been many exciting times here at RSP, one of the most memorable is when the RSP intern staff covered the Cimorelli and Ryan Beatty concert at The Roxy. As a team, the intern crew covered the event. From photos to interviews, we gave Beatty and Cimorelli fans a behind the scenes look at the upbeat performance. This event stands out vividly amongst the rest, because of the amount of teamwork it took to make it happen.

While interning at Ryan Seacrest, the camaraderie amongst team members has highlighted the true networking aspect of such prestigious internships. Not only are grammar and writing skills sharpened, but friendships are sewn and workplace cohesiveness is established. Though tension is natural in any work environment, co-workers exercise their ability to grow from constructive criticism, and learn to value an outside opinion.

While individual growth is vital to success, it is important to acknowledge the professional relationships that circulate in an office setting. You are not only building the foundation to your career, you are contributing to the base of your peers’ as well.

Interning for RSP has further defined student’s strengths, and exposes the versatility of journalism. It also equips interns with a broader understanding of the entertainment industry, making it easier to access and achieve their career goals.


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